Paper Jackets is a rising indie-pop band that has been emerging from the LA scene for some time now. The band — consisting of lead vocalist James Mason, Aimee Proal on backing vocals, Emily Dickinson on keyboard, Jonny Vesely on guitar, Miles Franco on bass and David Allen on drums — take their own spin not he indie-pop genre, with experimental indie-rock and synth-pop taking center stage, drawing influence from artists like Walk the Moon, Misterwives, Smallpools, and more.

The music Paper Jackets is as catchy as it is relatable, with memorable hooks drawing you in and keen lyricism confronting anxiety and tension, they will draw you in and keep you around for the long haul. Their debut release, Don’t Lose Your Head, is the perfect showcase of all their influences and their sound. The record was produced by Ethan Kaufmann (Avril Lavigne, Driver Friendly) and was re-released via Selma Records earlier this year, and can be picked up here.

Now, Paper Jackets is ready to show the world what they’ve got next and how they can grow even more into their own, and how they can push their decades-spanning indie sound even more. In case you’re curious, I’m here to tell you that they’ve really outdone themselves. We are teaming up with the band to exclusively debut their new single, “Ghost of You” — which follows the previously released “Sticky Icky” as a standalone single. The track brings their indie-pop influences front and center, with a hint of R&B to make it something fresh and new for Paper Jackets. It’s quirky, exciting, and irresistible — listen for yourself below.

“‘Ghost of You’ is about rivaling inner turmoils, keeping pace with circular thoughts and anxieties that run wild in the mind. The video portrays that over the simple message of the song which is there are no haunted places just haunted people,” Mason tells Substream. “And hey, everyone is a little haunted and that’s ok. There’s a slight attraction to the damaged hearted and a curious mystery about the places they’ve been. We had tons of fun exploring those emotions and expressing it with the song and video!”

You can keep up with Paper Jackets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.