As The Maine gear up to release their highly anticipated self-titled ninth full-length studio album next week, the band have just released an accompanying music video for “how to exit a room.”

The music video picks right up where the video for “blame” ended, and can be found below

On the latest music video and the upcoming album, The Maine vocalist, John O’Callaghan, shares “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me. Me riding a horse fast as hell probably wasn’t on your “The Maine music video” bingo card, but I did just that for our brand new video for “how to exit a room”. I admit, it’s ridiculous, but we’ve always had a vision of this video and we finally brought it to life. From now on when I feel like leaving a party, this is how I’ll leave”.

For the first time since 2017’s Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine have returned to producer Colby Wedgeworth, who the band have previously describes as practically their sixth member having previously produced the aforementioned Lovely Little Lonely, 2015’s American Candy, and 2011’s Pioneer.

The self-titled album being released on August 1st just made too much sense for The Maine to pass up, despite it being a Tuesday versus typical Friday release date. The significance of 8123 is, as fans of the band know, a once a lifetime alignment of numbers that hold extensive meaning to the band members and fans alike. Originally, 8123 were the numbers on a parking garage where the band members and childhood friends would hangout growing up. Fast forward to today, and 8123 has been used in their song lyrics, is the title of their own music festival held in their desert hometown biennially, can be seen inked onto many of their fans, is the title of their own record label and also serves as the fanbase’s nickname: the 8123 Family.

The Maine will celebrate the album’s release date with their fans in Denver, Colorado for 8123 Day, where they will headline the Fillmore Auditorium with support from Real Friends and Knuckle Puck. Alongside the show, fans can shop the 8123 Pop Up Shop the day before (July 31st) as well as on show day. Special guests, additional events, and more details will be announced at a later date.

Tour dates:

7/25 – Irving, TX – Sad Summer Fest

7/26 – Del Valle, TX – Sad Summer Fest

7/29 – Irvine, CA – Sad Summer Fest

8/1 – Denver, CO – 8123 Day

8/12 – Washington, PA – Four Chord Music Festival

8/25 – São Paulo, Brazil – VIP Station

8/26 – São Paulo, Brazil – VIP Station