Sunny Places For Shady People, the new acoustic pop-punk EP from south Florida’s Southview, is newfound territory for the band. Founded in 2015 by Cody Travis, the quartet started as a traditional pop-punk band, touring on their debut EP, Whatever It Takes. With a few years under their belt, the band is now switching gears and have released a three-song acoustic EP to hold fans over until their first full-length record.

We caught up with Travis to find out the meaning behind each of the songs on Sunny Places For Shady People. Find out what he had to say and stream the tracks below.

“Sunny Places For Shady People”

“Sunny Places For Shady People” is about when friendships can turn toxic. It’s about when one’s personal insecurities can manifest themselves into unexpected rivalries, demonization attempts and ruined friendships due to a world where we are set to compete with each other and constantly compare ourselves to one another, instead of valuing and embracing what makes us different.

“What Did You Expect”

The song “What Did You Expect” is about when manipulative people go to absurd lengths to make it seem like the issue couldn’t possibly be them. It’s about being there for friends who you eventually realize wouldn’t keep you around for anything more than just another somebody to blame for their own shortcomings.

“Interstate 75”

“Interstate 75” is about a life of constantly chasing your dreams through means of touring and recording (the chorus mentions Ocala, which is where I recorded the first full length album I’d ever written) and the feeling of knowing there are people who would rather see you never succeed. Whether it’s due to their own complacency, something you said when you were a kid or whatever… One of the worst feelings is having “friends” who don’t wish the best for you.

Catch Southview on tour NOW!
March 17 – Portland, OR – Magic Inn
March 18 – Boise, ID – The Hive
March 19 – St. Geroge, UT – Allegro Music
March 20 – Denver, CO – Seventh Circle Music Collective
March 23 – Chicago, IL – Royal Skate Shop
March 24 – Milwaukee, WI – Shorty’s Pub
March 27 – Columbus, OH – Donato’s Pizza
March 28 – West Haven, CT – Crunch House
March 29 – Brattleboro, VT – Stacy’s basement
March 30 – Wareham, MA – 3065 Live!
March 31 – Staten Island, NY – College of Staten Island
April 1 – Oakdale, NY – Shaker’s Pub
April 2 – Baltimore, MD – The Raven Inn
April 4 – Westchester, VA – Valley Cat Studios
April 5 – Greensboro, NC – New York Pizza
April 6 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Rockin Hard Saloon
April 7 – Marietta, GA – Swayze’s
April 8 – Jacksonville, FL – Nighthawk’s
April 9 – Tampa, FL – Home Show