Chicago has birthed many great punk rock acts over the years from Fall Out Boy to Real Friends. Today, we introduce you to a more recent addition to the Chicago scene–Legacy At Heart.

The band–consisting of Carlos Garay, Ryan Bradley, Dre Range and Maurice Castillejo–offers a melodic take on punk rock music like Emarosa and The Dangerous Summer. As the first single off the band’s forthcoming record due out later this year, “Hollow & Alive” bursts with energy and emotion. It’s only a taste of what’s to come from the band this year, but it’s enough to keep listeners wanting more. Vocalist Carlos Garay says:

“‘Hollow & Alive’ is one of my favorite songs off of our record and is a very personal song for me. The overall concept of this song is ultimately about the struggle of living in a separated family and what that can do to you. It has to do with having to choose sides at times and how that can affect you as time progresses.”

Stream the single below.