There’s always a risk when you take a beloved artifact of our collective childhood and try to adapt it into a movie or show. It’s all too easy to lose what made the original so special and lose your audience from the very start. Thankfully, Netflix averted this potential crisis by making A Series of Unfortunate Events every bit as enchanting as the books upon which they’re based. Seeing as how the first season didn’t come close to making it through all of the books, we’ve had hope that there was more to come. There’s now confirmation from Lemony Snicket himself that our hopes weren’t for naught: Season 2 has been confirmed.

In true Snicket fashion, this wasn’t a straightforward announcement. The fun began with the upload of a video entitled “A Miserable Message” to Youtube, with the description promising a hidden clue hidden within. Before we spoil it for you, we’ll see if you can figure it out yourself:

Did you find the clue? If not, we’ll help you out. The video directs viewers to visit a URL entitled “VastlyFrighteningDecison” that contains several gifs from the series. More importantly, the site contains a message from Snicket (portrayed by Patrick Warburton in the show) in which he admonishes us for following along in much the same way he admonished readers of the books. He then shares the dreadful news that Season 2 of the show is in the works.

There’s no timetable for the return of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it cannot be soon enough. Keep checking back, as we’ll update you in the weeks and months to come as more information becomes available.