IT was the first novel that genuinely scared me. A combination of Stephen King’s writing, an undying evil entity that masquerades as a clown, and the many real life fears addressed in the book made me pause numerous times while reading, nervous of what I would find on the next page. The novel has already been adapted as a miniseries back in the ’90s with Tim Curry as the dreaded Pennywise the Clown. Now there’s a trailer for the new adaptation, and it’ll definitely give you the shivers.

The trailer shows us the beginning of the book, as poor Georgie encounters Pennywise hiding in a gutter. It doesn’t end well for Georgie. The rest of the trailer is largely built on atmosphere instead of jump scares, with only a few brief glimpses at Bill Skarsgård as the new clown. Those few glimpses are enough to give you nightmares, though. Here’s the trailer (but maybe don’t watch it if clowns aren’t your thing):

Andrés Muschietti is on hand to direct, and his previous film Mama should leave no doubt that he’ll be able to craft a terrifying movie for audiences to enjoy. IT will be released on September 8, giving everyone just enough time to build up the courage to watch.