The year is 2015: Good Luck Varsity has closed the book on their musical endeavors and a newly free-not for long, as he would quickly become a permanent fixture in the pop powerhouse that is State Champs-Ryan Scott Graham released his debut solo album under the Speak Low If You Speak Love moniker. The songs on Everything But What You Need drew inspiration from acts like Dashboard Confessional and Daphne Loves Derby, creating one of the most heartfelt records of the year, and earned Graham the praise that he deserved.

The project has been quiet for a little while now– releasing a music video here and there to hold the tides while Graham began to work on a follow-up record. Holed up with one of his biggest influences, Aaron Marsh of Copeland, Graham worked on creating a record that is experimental, but still feels like the spiritual successor to Everything But What You Need. Yesterday, a new record called Nearsighted was announced and the music video for a new song called “Enough” made its way into the world. The track is a bit of a departure from past material– it exists as a perfect slice of blissful pop music with a bassline so full of funk that you can’t help but swagger along to it. The music video for “Enough” can be found above.

Speak Low If You Speak Love, Nearsighted art

Nearsighted is out January 19th on Pure Noise Records. Pre-order your copy here.