Loneliness is not the best feeling in the world. Sure, being alone is a necessary reprieve on occasion, but feeling lonely a majority of the time isn’t fun. Mitski has proven adept at perfectly capturing a feeling in a song throughout her career. Each song she creates is a masterful musical vision as well, like May’s powerfully expressive single “Geyser.” With The August release of her new album Be The Cowboy fast approaching, Mitski has shared the second video and single from the project, a lonesome track called “Nobody.”

Built on a steadfast hi-hat and deliberate, echoing piano chords, “Nobody” is an exploration of being alone. Mitski sings of being on her own, and that familiar feeling of desperately wanting to find someone to share a conversation, a connection, or a kiss. As that longing grows more intense, “Nobody” evolves and morphs to include more electronic flairs and roaring energy before dramatically fizzling out at the end.

Mitski finds herself alone in the music video for “Nobody” as well. Not only is she living in a single room all by herself, but there are no faces around her. People on the television, in paintings, or on cards have their faces scratched out, leaving Mitski isolated. Directed by Christopher Good, the music video is a powerful companion to drive home the message of “Nobody.”

Watch the video for Mitski’s new single “Nobody” above. Be The Cowboy will be out on August 17 via Dead Oceans. Mitski is also going on tour to support the album, and dates can be found in our post about the tour here.