At the beginning of the month, alt-J returned with “3WW,” the first song off the trio’s upcoming third album, RELAXER. Now as March draws to a close, they’ve gifted us with the second track from the album, the ominously titled “In Cold Blood.”

While “3WW” showcased the subdued side of the band, “In Cold Blood” goes the opposite way. A big horn section pilots the song, blaring and lurching forward. Everything about the upcoming album seems to be themed around an older digital vibe, from the videos for the songs to Joe Newman singing bits of binary on “In Cold Blood.” Listen to the song now:

Note: Just like the last video, this one contains a ton of flashing lights. You can safely listen to the Spotify stream if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

It’s interesting to note that the “3WW” and “In Cold Blood” visuals are not the official videos, leading us to believe music videos are on the way at some point. In the meantime, RELAXER is out on June 2.