Lana Del Rey never rests. Since the beginning of the decade, the singer has never taken longer than two years between albums. Her last effort was 2015’s Honeymoon, which means that 2017 is next in line for a release if she wanted to keep that schedule. We had an inkling that something might be coming when she shared her single “Love,” and now we have proof. Earlier today Del Rey announced her new album with a video that perfectly encapsulates her as an artist.

The album is called Lust For Life, and the video is peak Del Rey. Shot entirely in black and white, the video finds her living in the “H” of the Hollywood sign as she explains the concept behind the album. This being Lana Del Rey, it’s very much styled around Old Hollywood and how, to her, each generation has faced their own version of the tumultuous times we now live in. It’s incredibly earnest in a way that’s engaging and hopeful, and the 1950s science-fiction vibe is seriously cool.

The album doesn’t have a release date yet, with the video simply saying that its “coming soon…” Be sure to check back in, as we’ll continue covering Lust For Life as Del Rey shares more.