If you haven’t been paying attention, The Maine have a new album coming out next week. Lovely, Little, Lonely is out on April 7, but the Arizona five-piece aren’t about to leave you hanging until then. Today, the band shared new track “Do You Remember? (the other half of 23),” and fans should be thrilled by the song (via People).

As you could probably guess, the song centers around looking back fondly at memories of a relationship and living a carefree life. Lead singer John O’Callaghan gives the lyrics all of his vocal might, and Jared Monaco’s guitar work is especially good on the track. The lyric video also contains some cool artwork while not distracting from the words on the screen. You can watch it here:

Pre-orders for Lovely, Little, Lonely are still available on The Maine’s website alongside tickets for the accompanying tour. You can also read our in-depth interview with the band from last fall right here.