When we last checked in on Detroit artist Jax Anderson aka Flint Eastwood, she had just released the powerful track “Queen.” Eastwood hasn’t slowed down at all in the intervening time period, and today put out another winner from her upcoming EP, Broke Royalty, called “Push.”

The song begins with some heavy piano chords, and while it sounds great, you might not think it’s anything to get you moving. You’d be wrong though, as shortly after the synths and beat come in and turn this into a bonafide banger of a dance track. Fellow Michigan artist Tunde Olaniran also lends his voice to the track, infusing it with an emotional intensity that matches Eastwood and elevates “Push” to a new level.

Listen to the Spotify stream below:

With “Push” and “Queen” both impressing, we’re excited to hear the rest of what Eastwood has offer on Broke Royalty. The EP is out on April 14 through Neon Gold Records.