On the second night of Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls’ two-night stint in Chicago on their larger U.S. tour, the band got to play to an all-ages crowd—the only difference between shows being the age limit. The enthusiasm, from the band and the crowd, was still there. During all sets, regardless of what band was playing and if people knew the lyrics or not, the floor was literally bouncing up and down from all the jumping and dancing. It ended up being a great night.

Arkells and Masked Intruder opened the show, garnering a lot of love from the crowd. When Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls took the stage, they kicked off their set with “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous,” and followed with “The Next Storm” and “I Still Believe.” They ended up playing a 21-song set, all of which the crowd loudly sang along to, including a Frank solo consisting of “Josephine” and “Love Ire & Song”. They ended the show with a four song encore. I haven’t seen so much passion for music in a room coming from the people watching and singing along in a very long time, and it was an incredible thing to see.