Y’all gotta know I love Super American. Their brand of pop-rock never fails to hit — even when they’re at their most nonsensical. You don’t always need to get everything they’re saying because there’s bound to be a hook in the midst of the vibes you’re riding. Today, the band Beyonce’d fans and dropped a new track called “Hot Dog” without any lead-up, not a single tweet until this one, which came minutes after the track was dropped to anyone that subscribed to their youtube channel and clicked that little bell icon — basically, me, Myself, and I.

This is peak Super American — lovably aloof, completely out of left field, and brimming with good vibes that pour out over a chorus of “I won’t break your heart if you swear you won’t break my heart.” It’s a cute and quick little lovesong that clocks in at just under two minutes, but begs to be played for hours at a time. In the time since they surprised dropped the song (an hour, roughly?), I’ve given this song anywhere from 20 to 25 listens. I can’t stop myself from singing “I love you like a hot dog/Yeah, I’ll have myself a hot dog/cause I love you like a hot dog/a hot dog.”

The track also serves as a fun way to bridge the gap between where they’ve been and where they’re going. The two songs released earlier this year showed the band is willing to push beyond the confounds of pop-rock and dive headfirst into the world of straight-up pop music, and “Hot Dog” is a crystal clear indicator of the direction they’re headed in. Heck, there’s even a little nod to last year’s EP in the line “original disposable/developed in the wrong year” that I can’t help but smile at every single time that I hear it.

You can hear “Hot Dog” above.