For as long as humans have been writing, water has been a powerful image used in our stories. Water is all around us, so of course we’ve used it as inspiration. In the right hands it can represent everything from the dreadful unknown to a cleaning and healing experience. Los Angeles native Chandler Juliet has taken the theme of water and applied it to her own life on her new single “tidal wave.” Substream is thrilled to take part in that wave with Juliet and premiere the track this morning.

Many of Juliet’s lyrics on “tidal wave” speak of loneliness, and the music reflects this. The sea can be a vast and empty place, and it sounds like she and her guitar are echoing out from that sprawling solitude. The mix between autobiographical details and vivid imagery in the lyrics is superb, creating a piece of work that stands alongside the best literary uses of water around. As Juliet moves through her emotions there is a give and take like the titular wave, and the track eventually resolves to a sense of calmness and serenity that’s very pleasant.

Juliet explained how “tidal wave” came about, telling us “I wrote ‘tidal wave’ a month or so after I graduated college, where I really felt my adolescence was officially gone, and I felt more alone than ever. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and while it’s a huge blessing to have been raised here in the entertainment industry, it can be very isolating and lonely in this career-driven town. Everyone has to go through the different waves of life, both the ups AND the downs. Everything is temporary, and through writing this song I discovered that I have to learn to ride the wave that I’m on, because nothing lasts forever.”

You can listen to Chandler Juliet’s new single “tidal wave” below.