San Francisco rock duo The New Up are just three weeks out from the release of their newest album, Tiny Mirrors, and today we have the honor of sharing one of its singles with you. “No Fly Zone” is a four-minute exercise in mood and calculation with a message that’s both topical and very real. Bringing to mind acts like Morcheeba, Shiny Toy Guns, and Blonde Redhead, The New Up is a new favorite on our list of bands to keep an eye on and we suspect they might land on a similar list of yours.

Check out “No Fly Zone” below followed by some words from the band that details the intention in its theme and message.

“What is the true purpose of borders? Is it to serve the interests of the everyday working person? Or is it to protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful few? ‘No Fly Zone’ professes that borders were made by the wealthy and powerful for the wealthy and powerful, and that the true natural state of our existence on Earth is to have the freedom to go where we want, when we want. Borders are simply false divisions we create for ourselves, with real and dire consequences that affect the everyday lives of those within them. Using plain statements like ‘all our lives must equate to something’ and existential questions like ‘Why are we here?’ it urges us to look more deeply at the divisions we create for ourselves, and to strive for true meaning that goes beyond borders and overcomes these superficial divisions.”

Tiny Mirrors is available for pre-order through the band’s website, where you can find much more material from them. As of now, The New Up have one show planned in the coming weeks. Catch the band on January 20 at Yolo Brewery in Sacramento, CA for a good time.