When the first trailer for Logan came out, it looked like 20th Century Fox was giving Hugh Jackman the sendoff as Wolverine he deserved. The trailer was dark and forlorn, a fitting end for the character. The studio has given us a second trailer today, and while it still looks like a serious film, it’s nice to know it won’t be all bleak.

This trailer focuses more on the relationship between Logan and Laura (Dafne Keen)—otherwise known as the mutant X-23—the little girl that shares a lot of powers with her protector. This leads to some humorous moments, including Logan having to scold Laura for shoplifting and beating up a gas station attendant. There’s definitely a strong family vibe coming from the grouping of makeshift daughter, father, and grandfather (Patrick Stewart, returning as Charles Xavier). But as bad guy
Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) finds out, Laura has a bit of a temper, too. No sign of that Deadpool cameo, though. Watch the Red Band trailer now:

Are you as excited as we are? Logan is headed to theaters on March 1.