Reminiscent of the days when we would wake up in the morning to get our daily dose of MTV music videos, Cleveland Shoegazers NIIGHTS leaned heavily into the realm of pop-rock with their new single, So Into You, and their music video shows they aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. The video itself is brimming with nostalgia, set in a teenage girl’s bedroom in the 90s and filmed on a VHS camcorder to take the viewer back in time.

When asked about the single, Fournier stated: “Infatuation can strike at any age, and it made me feel like a kid again when it happened to me, so I knew I wanted to time-travel with this video. The song itself is just about experiencing an all-consuming crush on a person who is out of reach, but giving you just enough attention to let your head spin and send you on an emotional roller-coaster. I wanted the video to chuckle at this because a lot of people can relate to the feeling, but I also wanted it to go further with the story and send a message of empowerment, especially for young girls.”

However, the real charm of it is front-woman Jenna Fournier’s message to Believe in Yourself and Follow your Dreams, which she manages to tell within a three-minute narrative while poking fun at her celebrity infatuation that inspired the song. To top off the layers of intrigue, the video is littered with a wealth of ‘Easter eggs’ that reference and spoof the band’s favourite music & influences from the time period. All in all, this video is everything we didn’t know we needed and excels at capturing the spirit of youth and taking the viewer back to a time in our lives where we were all fangirls at heart even if we won’t admit it.