Every once in a while, you’re hear a song and it will click with you one way or another. There’s a variety of reasons that go into this: music finds a way to connect with us through lyrics, or the music itself. Sometimes it’s just the right place, right time. Through all of that, I’d like to introduce you, the reader, to Cynnamon.

We have partnered with Cynnamon to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new song, “I Did a Bad Thing.” The song was just featured in last night’s episode of The Flash, so if you’re an avid-CW viewer, you may have caught a glimpse of the song.

The track is lead by slick guitar work, subtle but effective drum beats, and even complimented by harrowing vocals. The end result is a track that shows how, when all of those things are used correctly, an upbeat and catchy indie/alt-rock song can make it easy to tap your foot and bob your head around to.

Above is the music video, which takes a found-footage approach, as it follows an unnamed character parading and dancing around town, with lyrics plastered overtop so you can learn the words and be singing along in no time.

”Twas an inspired meeting of the minds, sometimes the most beautiful placid places life can take you can also lend themselves to being a personal dungeon of the happiest times experienced alone. If happiness falls alone in the woods is there anyone there to smile with it,” explains Cynnamon on the track.

If you like what you hear from “I Did a Bad Thing” and Cynnamon, you can support the band by purchasing/streaming the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and even Amazon Music.