2018 marks ten years since You Me At Six released their debut album, Take Off Your Colours. The band has released their latest album, properly entitled VI. The album brings several genres that are fused together in a seamless flow for the listener. With six albums under their belt, this album proves the age old adage that everything is better with time. They have somehow figured out the perfect formula to grow up with their fans while still encapsulating the feeling that made us fall in love with their music in the first place, fourteen years ago when the band debuted.

Visuals are a crucial part of any band with the internet and ability to stream a music video with a click of a button. Their simplistic, yet visually stunning album cover was all apart of their plan. Frontman Josh Franceschi explained, “We like to have a cohesiveness around our music and that includes our artwork. We wanted to have something vibrant, and I think that’s what we got”. Music videos have the ability to bring the song to life, and even find new meanings or tell a story that lyrics can’t. Their latest music video for “Back Again” was nothing short of epic. “We figured, let’s pay homage to the The Big Lebowski, so we just did that”,  Franceschi said. Though nothing is set in stone and nothing is planned for concepts, the band is already thinking about upcoming videos. The band has discussed creating videos for their songs “Straight To My Head” and “Pray For Me”.

For the first time, You Met At Six’s album was recorded close to their home. That was not the only first for this record, they launched their very own independent record label Underdog Records. “It meant we were more focused and it was an us-against-the-world sort of mentality. An abundance of freedom.” The freedom is something the band enjoys, including being able to choose their singles. Franceschi joked, “We put all the song titles into a hat, mix them around and randomly select them! We discuss internally what songs we believe represent the overall body of work best”. Besides the latest album, Josh did express future signings of bands and more You Me At Six music released via the record label.

Each individual song on the album seems to bring a different vibe or feeling. The genre-defying band doesn’t believe in the categorization of genres.  “No, genres do not matter in my opinion. A good song is a good song. Regardless if it’s Norwegian death metal or Samba music. It’s all relative” Franceschi replied. All of the songs do have an underlying theme of high energy and positivity throughout the album. Besides having hints of different genres in the music, they also stuck to a less-heavier sounding sound. One of the other new aspects to the band’s recording process was co-producing the entire album. When the mention of future production for the band came up, Franchesci immediately replied, “Absolutely. We flourish with that trust and freedom. It’s our vision at the end of the day, so we have to behind the sonics now moving forward.” Their added influence on the production was welcome, bringing more of a You Me At Six feeling than ever before.

Once the album was finished and promotion began, the band started off in London at their album release event, “You Me At Shish”. This one of a kind event featured the band performing and all of the vegan food you can eat. “To be honest, we like food and beer. Make that food vegan and doing a pop up in my local area with one of my favourite food companies was a buzz” Franceschi nodded.

Though there are no other pop ups in the works, the band has a full touring schedule well into the new year both nationally and internationally. Transposing the songs into live music seems to be effortless for the band, Franceschi explained, “Nothing specific. We just try and produce songs in the studio and bring them to life when playing live”. Set lists, on the other hand, are another matter that are not so easily chosen. “We basically all sit down and have a massive, dragged out convo and all put forward our choices.” Though the band has played international shows, there’s no telling what their set list or tour will be like for their just announced and highly anticipated return to North America with their “Back Again 2019” tour. Information can be found below.

The tour kicks off on February 21st in Boston, Massachusetts and will run through March 16th when it wraps up in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets go on-sale this Friday, November 2nd.

2/21 Boston, MA @Brighton Music Hall

2/22 New York, NY @Gramercy Theatre

2/23 Philadelphia, PA @Underground Arts

2/24 Washington, D.C. @9:30 Club

2/26 Toronto, Ontario @The Opera House

2/27 Detroit, MI @Saint Andrew’s

2/28 Columbus, OH @A&R Music Bar

3/2   Chicago, IL @Bottom Lounge

3/4   Denver, CO @Marquis Theater

3/6   Seattle, WA @Chop Suey

3/7   San Francisco, CA @Great American Music Hall

3/9   San Diego, CA @Music Box

3/10 Pomona, CA @The Glass House

3/11 Los Angeles, CA @Teragram Ballroom

3/13 Houston, TX @House of Blues

3/14 Dallas, TX @Granada Theater

3/16 Atlanta, GA @The Masquerade – Hell