The cool thing about using animation in music videos is that an artist can bend and contort things in ways that real life physics don’t allow. That’s a pretty wide range of possibilities, so Los Angeles artist FRND explores it over two songs. The resulting music video for singles “Friend” and “Sticks And Stones” is truly out there (via Crave).

The video starts with “Friend” and introduces us to our video game-playing koala hero. An extra special cheese puff causes him to balloon to immense size and float across the universe until he meets a female koala in his same predicament. The “Sticks And Stones” half picks up the tempo and finds him traveling through dimensions and art styles. It’s quite bizarre, and very much worth the watch:

On Tuesday we premiered an acoustic remix of the second song from the video, “Sticks And Stones,” from Cartel frontman Will Pugh. You can check that out right here.