For decades, audiences have been drawn to the high-stakes action, spectacular winnings, tremendous drama, and intense emotional roller coasters depicted in gambling movies. It’s a common understanding that many individuals who indulge in online casino games or sports betting also have a penchant for watching movies during their free time. 

The entertainment industry has graciously gifted us with a lineup of iconic casino movies that have endured through the ages and transformed into cherished classics. We’ve compiled a list below of casino movies currently available for streaming on Netflix in 2024.

Casino (1995)

This iconic Hollywood casino film has all the elements you’d expect: Las Vegas, money, and mobsters. Directed by Martin Scorsese and brought to you by Universal Pictures, the 1995 movie Casino features Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. Inspired by true events, Casino tells an exciting story of how the Mafia influenced the development of the gambling industry in Las Vegas.

Casino is an edge-of-the-seat movie involving intense action sequences, shootouts, debt collection, and money laundering. It’s also a captivating look at how 1970s land-based casinos and the Mafia did business.

The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler, a crime drama film directed by Rupert Wyatt, debuted in 2014. It’s a remake of the classic 1974 film and stars Mark Wahlberg as a literature professor and compulsive roulette gambler, Jim Bennett. The story follows Bennett as he becomes heavily indebted to a loan shark, forcing him to take drastic actions to repay his debt.

During his struggle, Bennett develops feelings for Amy (one of his students) and clashes with his mother, Roberta, and his wealthy grandfather. The film explores addiction, destructive behavior, and the high cost of ambition. These themes resonate strongly today, especially given the growing popularity of games like Royal Riches Roulette, which combines high-stakes gambling with the traditional excitement of roulette.

Molly’s Game (2017)

Directed by Aaron Sorkin, this biographical drama is based on Molly Bloom’s 2014 memoir. Jessica Chastain stars in the movie as Molly Bloom. After missing out on her Olympic qualification due to a severe spinal injury, Bloom began waitressing and got involved in running poker games at ‘The Viper Room’ (renamed the ‘Cobra Lounge’ in the film) in West Hollywood. She eventually started her illegal gambling operation. 

The film depicts Bloom’s involvement with the Russian mob, her subsequent arrest by the FBI, and how her well-known lawyer, Charlie Jaffey (starring Idris Elba), helped her avoid prison despite her refusal to share player details. 

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is a 2006 British spy movie directed by Martin Campbell, starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. It’s the first movie in the Daniel Craig era and the 21st film in the franchise overall. The movie’s storyline is that Bond must prevent terrorist banker Le Chiffre from winning and humiliating potential clients at Casino Royale, Montenegro, on his first mission as a 00 agent.

Along the way, Bond falls in love with a treasury agent, Vesper Lynd. The movie features high gambling from the start, high action, and a focus on Bond’s nature. Casino Royale was critically acclaimed and a box office hit, with Craig’s performance noted by many critics for portraying the iconic spy.

Win It All (2017) 

One of the more recent gambling movies, Win It All, went straight to Netflix. Directed by Joe Swanberg, the storyline hooks viewers from the beginning. Jake Johnson plays Eddie, a character with an unhealthy addiction to gambling. Eddie’s luck changes when he accepts Michael’s offer to look after a bag. If he does this, he’ll be rewarded with thousands of dollars. 

Then, following Michael’s arrest, Eddie opens the bag to find a load of cash. Of course, he spends it on feeding his gambling habit. Eddie feels pressure after that event. He’s convinced that something bad will happen once Michael returns and discovers the empty bag.