Whether you like it or not, crypto use has become ubiquitous online since Bitcoin (BTC) when into circulation in 2009. Nowadays, every big brand knows that crypto is a game changer for many customers. 

There are even now stadiums named after crypto companies, and many people joined the crypto craze around 2020, a year when the price of BTC rose to around $28,000.

Crypto has a firm grip on multiple forms of entertainment. Whether it’s used to buy in-game assets in video games, as a way to get NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or even as an incentive to use Bonus Buy In games on casino sites, you’ll find it used as a promotional tool in industries as diverse as sports and business.

Sports, Gaming, Shopping: Crypto Promo Is Everywhere

Let’s rewind to 2022. Crypto gifts were suddenly everywhere, from bonuses for registering at casinos, Sorare digital trading cards, and NFTs belonging to musical artists. Having a part of your brand involved in crypto has since become very fashionable, and everyone wants a piece of this virtual pie!

Bonuses and promotions in real money are excellent, but only crypto projects can give a sense of community. It’s also more exciting to immerse yourself in the technology and realize the full potential of the blockchain. 

Pros and Cons of Using Crypto as a Bonus

The crypto market has always been wild. This is because token value can drastically change in the space of a day. Indeed, the price of Bitcoin has always had very high ups and immense lows. This makes for an exciting market with limitless possibilities. However, this constant fluctuation of price might also be an issue.

You might register at a betting site and be offered a small sum in Bitcoin upon signing in. If you accept the terms and conditions, you should accept that the price of BTC might go down instantly. You could lose any benefit from this bonus.

This is where crypto promotions get tricky. Nobody knows which value you will see in the next minute. There are also other concerns about compliance and regulations that come with crypto use. Therefore, it is essential to know about crypto if you want to play safe.

Airdrops and Welcome Packages: Everybody Loves a Good Gift

The gift culture has always been a big thing for crypto users. Airdrops come to mind when speaking about this phenomenon; these are random token drops to crypto users. 

Indeed, crypto users have the choice to participate in the creation of a new project by depositing their coins and staking them. There are potential rewards that give a perfect incentive to early users, too.

On the other hand, crypto users are often offered a small sum in BTC or ETH whenever they register a new wallet or a new crypto venture such as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs)

Chasing that kind of reward is a hobby in itself. More often than not, crypto users must find the best projects, knowing full well the risks involved in those kinds of transactions.

From Promotion To Adoption: Is Crypto Hard to Use?

Crypto assets and blockchain technologies only work because millions of people maintain them. People can invest in crypto anytime, but it’s only worth doing–and associated promotions worth using–if you understand how cryptocurrency works. Therefore, even if a promo looks exciting or seems to be excellent value, make sure it’s something you actually want or intend to use.