Next month, talker is releasing her long-awaited debut album, I’m Telling You The Truth, on June 21st. The album is part diary and part anthemic pop tunes, a vibrant release that is both versatile and cohesive, and incredible debut from an artist who is determined to say her piece.

Now today, talker has released another new song, “Everything Is Something (I Never Saw Coming)” — an offbeat track that celebrates both the chaos of life and its own formation. “Writing this track changed my life, not joking,” Celeste Tauchar says — the project is named for how often people mispronounce her last name. 

Written with Collin Pastore and Jake Finch (boygenius, Lucy Dacus, Katie Pruitt, illuminati hotties) in Nashville over the course of several sessions, the trio embraced that sentiment in the production: “we just did whatever we wanted. There was a moment that we all looked at each other and were like, oh sh*t. It’s one of the most pop-leaning songs on the record but it captures an essence that’s present throughout — being honest and staying true to what feels right.” 

Along with the song release today, talker has shared an accompanying music video for “Everything Is Something (I Never Saw Coming).”

I’m used to doing everything myself on the videos, and bringing in someone who was excited to collaborate and create this world with me was really fun,” she says on the music video. “We have so many different worlds and different visuals that I get pulled through, and it was thanks to the incredible director Brian Nowak and art director Caitlin Laingen.The video shows how life truly keeps pulling us in new directions that we can’t predict, and while it can be really chaotic and stressful, it can also be really beautiful once we stop trying to control everything and just enjoy the ride.”

Watch the music video below.


telling truth Talker


  1. Memory of My Feelings
  3. Old Enough
  4. Everything is Something (I Never Saw Coming)
  5. Easygoing
  6. When It Starts
  7. Wet
  8. Return to Sender
  9. Drag Your Feet
  10. Say My Name
  11. knowitall