Acclaimed Swedish/American indie/pop duo Flora Cash have shared their latest single, “Like No One Could.” It is the latest tease ahead of their upcoming album, which will be released on October 10th via their own label, Flower Money Records.

On their new single, Flora Cash delivers a poignant message about the enduring nature of love. “‘Like No One Could’ is a reminder that through all the uncertainties, the essence of love is constant. The track speaks to the promise of love enduring even as circumstances shift around us. It’s about recognizing the inevitability of change but choosing to hold on to the connection we share. No matter how we evolve or what the mirror reflects back at us, the commitment remains,” the band explains.

To celebrate the release, Flora Cash will perform a special live show on June 1 at Nalen in Stockholm. This event will showcase a broad range of the band’s music, including the debut of several tracks from their upcoming album.

Listen to “Like No One Could” below.

“Like No One Could” follows the success of previous singles “Dragon” and “Baby I Love You.” Additionally, the band has released singles “HOLY WATER” and “i’m tired,” both accompanied by music videos. “HOLY WATER” delves into the concept of love as a powerful, almost mystical force, and its emotional video, directed by the band, can be viewed on YouTube. “i’m tired,” a reflective and atmospheric track exploring the subtleties of love.

Flora Cash, a musical duo of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, epitomizes a journey of love, resilience, and artistic triumph. Lleshaj, forced to flee war-torn Kosovo, and Randall, who endured a turbulent upbringing with an incarcerated father, found solace in music. Their paths crossed on SoundCloud in 2012, leading to a Minneapolis meeting where Flora Cash was born. Neither hailing from fame or fortune, they united in love and music, marrying in 2013, and forging an authentic path marked by creativity and growth.