Beloved Canadian rock band RARITY have released the final single, “who gives a fuck?” ahead of their new album’s release, Lower Feeling, on June 7th via New Damage Records.

Commenting on the new song, vocalist Loeden Learn says, “‘Who gives a fuck’ is about trying to separate the constant depression we experience and the crazy world we live in. The fact that nothing in this world really matters at the end of the day and we’re all just specs of dust in an always evolving and changing planet. The earth will keep turning long after we’re gone and that the only thing that matters is happiness, whatever that means to you personally. Just trying hard to live the best life you can. Who gives a fuck, at the end of the day.” 

Listen to “who gives a fuck?” below and pre-order Lower Feeling here.

The follow up to 2019’s lauded record, The Longest Lonesome, RARITY finds the perfect balance between catchy pop-punk anthems and the gripping intensity of their post-hardcore roots, and features other heavy hitters like “Keep It To Yourself,” “OKAY,” “Brain Dance.” “Sick to My Stomach,” and “Kiss.”

Learn recently commented on the album, “This record at the end of the day is about growth. Growth as human beings, growth as friends, growth as 4 musicians trying to make the best songs they possibly can in a band they love. This record is a record of love, a record of passion and a record of brutal honesty. The lyrics are personal and introspective, with themes that I absolutely hated talking about with every fibre of my being. My worst fears and greatest dreams. This record is about losing self control, not being able to hold your brain together in times of sadness and pain, and taking things you have no control over way too seriously. While the lyrics may convey feelings of sadness and anger, the record itself couldn’t be further from. We loved writing this record, and we miss waking up every day being able to make this record. It is everything rarity as a band has always wanted to be, and we’re just so happy to be here. We’re happy we’re able to make music and live this crazy emotional roller coaster of a life that we live. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We truly sincerely hope people enjoy Lower Feeling as much as we enjoyed making it, because we really truly loved every second of it.


Rarity lower feeling


  1. Keep it to Yourself
  2. OKAY
  3. Brain Dance
  4. who gives a fuck?
  5. Kiss!
  6. Sick to my Stomach
  7. New Paint
  8. Creature Comfort
  9. Shit Eater
  10. Ignore Everything