Mia Snow, originally from Jacksonville, Florida, is an ascending new artist in today’s hip-hop.

In 2023, her and her unapologetic wordplay over tailor-made productions gained significant popularity with her hit songs “Like Me Now,” “Run Away,” and “How Life Goes.” Her consistent electrifying energy attracted a growing fanbase, with new fans spreading the word about her music. By the start of 2024, she developed fans in the U.S. and oversea via France, Denmark, and Viet Nam.

Fans frequently characterize her sound as bold, rebellious, and free-spirited, favoring authentic vocals over auto-tune. Her knack for creating captivating tracks that deeply connect with audiences is a rare talent only the brightest stars possess on their ascent to stardom.

Best known for “All Night Long,” she made a mark in 2024 with her hit “Oh No.” The money-driven track has gained respect from Dirty South rap stars and is gaining streams across all platforms, making it a perfect starting point for new fans.

Snow capitalized on the popularity with her albums Proud of Myself and Cold Summer. Cold Summer is Mia’s best work yet as it provides a mixture of her backstory, fantasies, expensive taste, and vision on fan favorites such as “Miason Margella,” “Lonely” and “Oh No” featuring Erica Banks. All leading up to Mia achieving one of the biggest accomplishments of her career yet in selling out the historic SOB’s in New York City.

Her presence has sparked high demand, leading to a U.S. tour starting this month in Charlotte. The Cold Summer tour will include stops in major markets such as Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Ahead of her nationwide tour, Snow has been visiting schools between New York and Atlanta to perform, speak, and give away school supplies. Following the new album, Mia Snow is set to collaborate on new music with hip-hop superstars such as Duke Deuce, Kodak Black, T.I., and more.

Feel free to stream Mia Snow’s new album below, and afterward, follow the new star on social media for daily updates.