Country star Kameron Marlowe has just shared a heartfelt glimpse into his next chapter with the reflective new single, “On My Way Out.”

The new ballad is the final single to be released from the upcoming sophomore album from Marlowe, Keepin’ the Lights On, which will be released on May 31st. “On My Way Out” brings his powerhouse vocals to the forefront as he meticulously exams the regrets that he wants to rectify before his time is up and the ‘one more times’ he wants to experience again. 

When I first heard this song, it resonated with me on a deeper level,” shares Marlowe. “As I’ve gotten older, I started to realize how special our time is on this earth and to never take these moments for granted. This song helps remind me to slow down and remember how much I have to be thankful for and all the things I still want to do before my time is up.”

Watch the music video for “On My Way Out” below and pre-order Keeping’ the Lights On here.

Featuring sixteen meticulously crafted tracks, including the previously acclaimed singles “Quit You,” “Strangers (with Ella Langley),” “Keepin’ the Lights On,” and “Tennessee Don’t Mind,” Marlowe’s forthcoming record is a testament to his evolution as an artist for the ages.

Enlisting esteemed writers including Kendell Marvel, Michael Hardy and Wyatt McCubbin, and produced by Dann Huff, Keepin’ The Lights On extends an invitation into Marlowe’s life – from childhood to modern day – through a transparent showcase of growth, maturity and most importantly, a lifetime of fulfilling promises.

I feel like I discovered a lot about myself while making this record,” shares Marlowe. “I got to reflect on a lot of life from when I was a kid to life today. This album explores everything from loss to love, depression to joy, and overcoming the voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough. I found myself looking at life through a different lens throughout the process. The namesake of the album, ‘Keepin’ The Lights On’ came from a conversation with my dad over the holidays about how he’s always thanking the man upstairs for keeping it all together, especially when times get tough. For me, this record is a reminder of hard work, dedication and keeping the promises that we make. It’s still crazy to me that people are listening to a small town boy from Kannapolis, N.C., but here I am releasing my second album. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.


Kameron Marlowe


  1. 911” 
  2. “Nothin’ Slowin’ Us Down” 
  3. “On My Way Out” 
  4. “Never Really Know” 
  5. “Tennessee Don’t Mind” 
  6. “Leaning On You”
  7. “I Can Run” 
  8. “High Hopes”
  9. “One That I Don’t Call”
  10. “Lock Me Up” 
  11. “Will It Be There in the Morning”
  12. “Quit You” 
  13. “Smaller”
  14. “Strangers (with Ella Langley)”
  15. “Broke Down in a Truck”
  16. “Keepin’ the Lights On”