Jesse McCarney is clearly having fun recently. His latest single “Wasted” is an excellent, energetic track. He spent 2018 performing live after his return to music. What else could a guy ask for? As it turns out, the answer is starring in his very own intensely melodramatic soap opera. That’s exactly what McCartney has done in the music video for “Wasted,” which dropped today.

The video opens on this television show, humorously called “The Young & The Wasted.” It’s hard to say what stands out more when we first see McCartney, the impeccably feathered ’90s hair or the even more incredible white suit. McCartney covers all the soap opera tropes, from multiple betrayals to nonsensical subplots. He plays multiple characters in the show, from the daring bad boy to a butler inexplicably armed with a crossbow. The “Wasted” video is meticulous in its recreation of the soap operas its lampooning, which makes the whole thing even funnier. There’s even some meta-commentary from McCartney, who acted in All My Children during his early years.

Prepare yourself for a laugh and every soap opera cliché in the book, then watch the music video for “Wasted” above.