Netflix has been a recent pioneer in many trends in film and television. For example, it can be credited for kickstarting the true crime boom that was recently popularized with shows like Making a Murderer. The leading streaming service has often shown that it’s ahead of its rivals, and its top thinkers have carved out niches where others didn’t even think they existed.

It could be time for Netflix to take on another topic and bring modern casino gambling to people’s screens. The iGaming industry is booming and will soon be worth more than $100 billion, but there are few films or television shows that explore it.

Modern Gambling Looks a Lot Different to What has Been Depicted in Film

There have been countless casino-themed movies over the years, but few reflect the current state of the gambling industry. For example, live blackjack online is now just as popular as the game found in land-based gambling houses. There’s a huge market for these games, with players faced with a vast amount of choice. For instance, there are titles like All Bets Blackjack, Quantum Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack to choose from. These live titles are designed to replicate the format of the game found in brick-and-mortar casinos, but they also offer new elements such as animations and multipliers.

It’s clear that the gambling industry that most contemporary players are first encountering has not been represented on television or in film. The games displayed in classic casino movies hardly resemble the titles that these people are enjoying at online casinos. That highlights how there is a gap in the market for more content based on today’s way of playing casino games.

Netflix Could Release a Documentary or a Fictionalized Drama

Netflix has shown in the past that it is open to providing gambling content for viewers. Offerings like Molly’s Game and Casino Royale have been on the platform in the past. There was also the recent documentary Inside the Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure in 2019. However, all these offerings have focused on gambling in its physical format, rather than detailing the booming online industry. There’s certainly potential for a documentary about the rise of internet gambling, which could follow a similar format to other Netflix titles like The Social Dilemma.



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Another option for Netflix could be to create a drama series about the modern gambling industry. Rather than show the inner workings of a gambling house like Martin Scorsese once depicted, a new title could take viewers on a journey through the various elements of online casino play. It could focus on different people in the industry, such as players, game developers and online casino operators. Something like this could be a great promotion for the industry as well, as it might encourage more people to play.

There’s no doubt that casino content in film and television needs to align itself with today’s industry. Netflix could be the first platform to bring modern casino documentaries and films into the mainstream.