Onah Indigo, better known as popular new recording artist noaccordion, has become the talk of the insatiable today indie music scene following the rave reviews of her decade long catalog filled with soothing and hypnotic music. While it’s been four years since the release of her critically-acclaimed album, Surrender, she has maintained her popularity with a bombard of infectious singles like “Room to Breathe,” “Mermaid,” “Welcome Diversity,” and “Smile Revolution.” For longtime fans, the wait is over, for recent newfound fans, here’s what all the fuss is about from this next-gen recording artist as she releases her anticipated seventh studio album, intriguingly-titled Curious Soul.

Featuring guest appearances by Aima The Dreamer, Grvity, SaQi, and Ashel Seasunz, the 11-song album’s sonic odyssey defies genre limitations, fusing EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, and R&B into a breathtaking tapestry of sound that transcends boundaries and elevates the spirit. With lyrics that deliver progressive, sex-positive, and universal messages, she brings joy, laughter, and irresistible grooves that will set your body in motion to orchestrates a symphony of beats that take you on inner journeys of self-discovery.

Feel free to stream the full album below.

On Curious Soul, noaccordion sound differs from her previous work. The new album offers it all up: symbolism, personality, and, most importantly, authenticity. Curious Soul blends a wide variety of genres; however, doesn’t sound like anything out right now, and eliminates the gimmicky perception that often follows new artist by fans before the experience. Those who peak their curiosity will be treated to a blissful trip that will leave them instantly addicted in everything noaccordion delivers to the masses moving forward.

The album’s most memorable moments come in tracks like “A Curious Time,” featuring the soulful Ashel Seasunz, a reggae-infused electronica journey, and “Making Waves,” an exuberant accordion-driven circus of playful world beats. Let the vibrant rhythms of “Rainbow Fog” envelop you, providing a joyful interlude and an invitation to embrace self-connection and healthy abundance. Embark on an ethereal voyage with “Eternally Eternity,” a sublime blend of classical and jazz infused with downtempo electronica, allowing the music to stir emotions and cleanse the soul with its captivating vibrations. Get comfortable with “Getting Comfy,” an accordion-driven downtempo exploration that invites you to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery and gain a deeper understanding of self.

And with it’s refreshing new sound, vibe, and charisma, Curious Soul is the perfect origin point for newfound fans as the rising star ascends to superstardom. While noaccordion continues to expose herself and her sound to a wider audience as it comes via word of mouth, it can be ideal that the artist is merely scratching the surface with both her musical abilities and creativity. Merely the beginning, the new release is a portal to a well-deserved exploration into the artist’s lengthy catalog of previous releases that will provide the essence of who she is to those eager to hop on the bandwagon.