Janika Tenn assembles a trio of the hottest new stars in today’s dance in N2N, Lefti, and Murphy for an informative new hit, intriguingly titled “411,” out now, on all streaming platforms via independent imprint. What makes this collaboration even more remarkable is the deep friendship shared among the artists.

“411” is a catchy, groovy, and clever track that showcases the avengers-esqe collaboration from four of the hottest acts in the genre and merge their unique production styles to create a track that is dance floor ready and captures the best parts of their style all on one single. A traditional house record at it’s core, the new track is a new age club-ready hit that caters to the past, present, and future of the genre.

With Murphy on the vocals and joyful melodies, the song takes you on a dynamic journey, filled with irresistible rhythms and a sense of joyous camaraderie. The carefree dance track will have fans racing to the dance floor to dance all night long. All four’s original creativity makes for a must-hear for any dance music fan eager to find their song of the summer.

On top of the awesome track, fans will enjoy getting to know the other collaborators with the possibilities of becoming fans of them as well.

Stream “411” below.