Ex Medias, an artist collective known for their unity and diverse talent, has been creating a buzz with their compilation series. Today, the buzzing act releases the series’ third installment. Vol.3 is a ten-song collection that continues the development of the entity’s evolving sound with a diverse showcase of talent and chemistry.

Filled with mid-tempo mix accentuated by gritty wubs on “Out of My Mind,” tempestuous storm of 128BPM on “My Mind is Techno,” nostalgic undertones with a contemporary flair on “How Dare You,” the latest installment ignites the compilation with an explosive trap/riddim vibe that leaves jaws dropping in awe from beginning to end. Volume 3 not only showcases their strive to embrace a range of sounds and talents but also emphasizes the collective’s strong bond as a family.

Like volume 1 and 2, We Are Ex Medias compilations offers a tantalizing glimpse into their current creative endeavors. Listeners can embark on a captivating journey through multiple genres, from future/melodic bass to house and techno, all while experiencing the richness and diversity of the collective’s talent. The latest compilation is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to get familiar with the collective and what they have in store for the music industry the rest of 2023.

Ex Medias’ mission revolves around nurturing artists, fostering their growth, and building a supportive community. You may stay up to date on everything by following the collective on social media.

Check out the full album below.