Buzzing musician Michael Prince Johnson extends the popularity of his latest album with an extended version for Street of Danger Vol.1. The album is about being mindful of the consequences of our actions in life. This album features 12 breathtaking songs that demonstrate Johnson’s exceptional abilities as a composer, musician, producer, and storyteller.

The album features international hits such as “Street of Danger Vol.1,” “Madness,” “Think About My Information,” “Don’t Trust Everyone,” “Violent Mind,” and “You’ve Arrived in the Bad World.” Johnson’s songs have gained worldwide recognition and received radio airplay on mainstream radio formats and radio charts in the US and worldwide. His music has been featured internationally in various forms of media, including video games, films, advertisements, and TV shows.
His songs have been broadcast on national Austrian television channels such as ORF, music television channel GoTV, and community television channel Okto.

Michael Prince Johnson and his unique sound displays his ability to break barriers and achieve widespread success as an instrumental musician makes him a true pioneer in the industry. He has mastered a wide range of instruments, including the kalimba, shekere, calabash, surdo, sampler, and drum machine, showcasing his versatility and knowledge of music.

Johnson established his trailblazing career with 600 songs across 70 albums. Among the catalog is radio hit, “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt,” “History of Epidemics,” “You Are Important,” “War Produced The Death and Destruction,” “Importance of Nature,” “Time for Wedding,” “Erotic Desire,” and “I Give My Name To Her.” which has charted several radio charts.

Street of Danger Vol.1 is available now on Stream the full album below.