Syracuse’s Karim Lesgoooya is skyrocketing to the top of mainstream hip hop right now. In 2022, the rising star led a successful buzzing-generating campaign filled with attention-grabbing new music, project, and music videos that sparked widespread anticipation for his forthcoming album. Now, as promised, he delivers his most important album yet in the properly titled 1 of 1. Known for his witty wordplay and undeniable hooks, the new star dives deep into his backstory on the new release to infect fans with his unstoppable presence that is soon-to-be a bonafide superstar in today’s music.

1 of 1 is a nine-song collection that proves the artist’s unique prowess in every track. On standout singles “Gems,” “Fucked Up,” and, of course, the album’s title track, the artist speaks to his unstoppable confidence and relentless ambition. On his latest effort, Lesgoooya pour out his heart while at his most vulnerable over the trendy production. “The 1 of 1 project comes from the heart, based off life experiences and feelings,” said Lesgoooya.

And with anticipated energy, satisfying music, and several undeniable hits, the artist’s new album is undoubtedly his best work yet. “This album is undeniably one of my best projects yet so far,” said Lesgoooya in a press release.

The new album is a follow up to Lesgoooya’s breakthrough 2022 EP, Flowers, which spawned previous hits “Princess,” “Heartbeat,” and “Fall.” For a deeper look at Karim Lesgoooya and his story, you may explore Flowers after 1 of 1. Beyond the music, stay up-to-date on everything Karim Lesgoooya after the new album, follow him on social media.