Today, Boys Like Girls have returned with their first taste of new music since 2012’s Crazy World. 

The new song, “Blood and Sugar,” is out now via Fearless/Concord Records, and musically is a subtle and elegant blend of Boys Like Girls and vocalist Martin Johnson’s project The Night Game. Lyrically, “Blood and Sugar” is a raw and honest portrayal of the human experience, exploring the theme of indulging in something bad for you, despite knowing the consequences.

Further expanding on the song, Johnson explains “Thematically the song is fairly simple, an empty calorie relationship that’s so delicious you don’t care. You’re willing to deal with the crash. It continues to beat you down yet you keep coming back for more pain…almost like you’ve learned to love it. Why this obsession? We’re only skin and bone. Humans. Just blood and sugar, really. I think everyone has an infatuation with something bad for them. Cigarettes. Sports gambling. Porn. Internet validation. Pills that change the way you feel. Buying too many shoes. I know I spend a lot of time trying to fill the empty hole where drugs used to be. I spend most of the time trying to fill that hole with ‘perfection.’ But in the end…nobody’s perfect. Hey. we’re only blood and sugar, right?

“Blood and Sugar” is just the beginning of what is expected to come from Boys Like Girls. The band has previously confirmed they were working on new music, and even performed a new song “The Outside” last year while on tour.

In addition to more new music, fans can expect tour dates to be announced soon as Boys Like Girls plan to hit the road for a much-anticipated tour for their new music.