Flower Crown is a two-piece indie-pop band that calls Erie, PA home. Their brand of pop music feels innately coastal; like it’s tied to warm sands and the pull of the tide. This style of pop is ethereal and doesn’t thrive on the traditional peak and valley structure that their contemporaries call home. Instead, they’ve opted to create something that carries weight in how peaceful it is. It’s impactful because of the ability that it has to bring you back down to earth. When your head’s in the clouds, this is sure to keep you tethered to the ground.

The duo will release their debut album– a handful of songs that rolls over you like a warm breeze called GLOW on October 20th. From start to finish, the record plays out like the soundtrack to mellowed beach living; a wide gamut of inspiration pulls from psychedelia to traditional indie pop to create a soundscape permanently anchored to a sunset on the golden coast.

When asked to speak about Glow, both members of Flower Crown had a lot to say. Richie Colosimo said “GLOW is a result of a tumultuous time between 2016 and 2017. I uprooted my life for the second time in two years and moved to Pittsburgh, felt isolation and disillusionment from a failing relationship, lost a family member – it goes on. It’s been a fucking whirlwind. These songs are a reflection of this and the nostalgia one feels for a certain time or place, a place we can go back to whenever we’re going through a rough time. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the past and now it’s time to focus on the future and the great things that have come since. I’m proud of GLOW, but I know Aaron will agree, it feels good to have this record out of our systems.

Aaron Mook said “Some of my favorite albums are debuts – 2, Something About Airplanes, This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About. I love hearing what a band can do when left to their own devices, and with GLOW, that’s certainly where we were at. I also recently made the move to Warren, Pa. with my fiancee, so the the instrumentals were recorded at Richie’s new home in Pittsburgh and the vocals were tracked here, in my new home. There’s definitely a dissonance between some of the more upbeat tracks and the way we were feeling alienated from friends, family, the disenchantment that can come with being in a new place. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how this will forever be my first LP – the artwork, the songs we chose, the way we sequenced them — and I’m happy to say we utilized those feelings to create something that feels sentimental and universally warm to me.

You can stream Glow in full below.

Glow is out October 20th on Flower Pot Records. Pre-orders are available here.