With his talented, self-aware music, Zach Hall (@ayeoomar) discusses his views on the world with his music. Hall is self-producing and a self-producing recording artist. With his imagery, he advocates for change for the rest of the world, whether from an ecological or economic perspective. The self-taught artist’s new album, Boy Meets World, shows his full maturity.

It is clear that Zach Hall has a lot to prove with his newest album. Hall is breaking out of his old shell after the success of his previous albums such as “Sad World,” “Not Alone,” and “Tighten Up.” The new 10-track LP reveals the mind of the Charlottesville-bred MC. His development is important as a supporter of musicians and someone committed to growth. The fact that he is releasing 10 songs in his 10th year of making music is poetic.

Check out his newest therapeutic LP, Boy Meets World, today!