Whilst some video games have human characters that have entered the history books (Mario, for example), other video games have non-human characters that have managed the same. We’re going to take a look at some of the greatest ever non-human video game characters, along with what it was that made them so special.

The Last of Us – Callus & Shimmer

Although Callus and Shimmer only had minor parts to play in the first and second parts of the Last of Us video games respectively, they were absolutely indispensable. The Last of Us recently shot to fame again, after the hit HBO series was released earlier this year. It did an incredible job of bringing to life the grim reality that the video game characters inhabited. When they weren’t escaping from semi-humans infected with fungal spores that made them ravenous for human flesh, they were trying to stay away from the remaining human inhabitants of the world. It seemed as though they were without a single friend on the planet, save for each other, but when Callus and Shimmer entered their lives, they suddenly had a dependable, non-judgemental third party to hang out with. Not only that, but a friend that could run far faster than their enemies, keeping them safe from harm.



Mustang Gold – The Whole Herd

Plenty of the best games from the casino slots 2023 category fit the non-human remit, but perhaps our favorite is Mustang Gold. This slot has, as you might expect, a variety of wild mustangs as the main characters, each illustrated in a majestic style. The two stand-out stallions are a beautiful dark bay mustang and his cremello counterpart. Together their images adorn the reels, bringing wilds, multipliers and more with them when they do. This is a classic slot game that’s made all the better with the addition of some beautiful animals to the artwork.

Stray – Titular Character

Stray is a relatively recent release which was made available to players only last year, but already it has a strong following. The game sees you play as a stray cat, finding your way around the neon streets of a post-apocalyptic world. Along the way, you’ll bump into robots who may want to help you or might want to harm you, as well as mutated bacteria that definitely aren’t friendly. With only your drone B-12 for companionship, it’ll be up to you, the stray cat, to find your way back to the world that you know. The cat in this game is so incredibly realistic that some actual cats have even been fooled into trying to make friends with it, as these adorable accounts show.

Spyro the Dragon – Spyro

We’ll finish off with a title that was so brilliant it spanned decades and all thanks to the main character, a loveable purple dragon called Spyro. This series was so great because Spyro grew with his audience. In the original games he was a spunky young dragon, charging into sheep and generally having a colourful riot of a time, but throughout the lifespan of the series, Spyro grew up. By the final games he was angsty and teenage in the most brilliant way. The whole atmosphere of the games was a little darker and more intense, perfect for those who loved Spyro in their youth and wanted to continue loving him in their awkward teenage phase.