Artificial intelligence (AI) has helped various industries to grow while providing potential for enhancements in many other areas. The way that we listen to music is certainly something that could benefit from AI, and a recent press release from Spotify confirms that they’ve made a move by introducing an AI DJ.



What Do We Know About Spotify’s AI DJ?

The streaming giant states that this is another personalization option designed to help their users get more out of their musical experiences, adding to other methods such as automated Discover Weekly playlists and their Wrapped campaign that provides a summary of each user’s favorite music from the previous year.

Their new DJ is a sort of personal AI guide to music that chooses your next tracks for you because it understands your tastes perfectly. They’re bringing out a beta version of the service now, combining a curated track listing with commentary on the songs and artists,

Spotify has confirmed that the AI service will look for new tracks that might interest you and also hunt back through your favorite songs of the past, possibly finding some classics that you love but have forgotten about recently. By confirming which songs on the list you like and which no longer rock your world, you can help the DJ to improve future selections.

The Technology Used

Generative AI is at the heart of this new approach to song selection, with OpenAI technology used. However, human input has also been provided, with a group of editors experienced in different genres using their knowledge to help the AI tool become an expert.

Spotify acquired the AI voice platform last year, and this is being put to use in providing the commentary to accompany each listing generated, with a realistic voice bringing the text to life for listeners. The first model they’ve used for the voice is that of Xavier Jernigan, who hosted their “The Get Up” morning show.

The first people who can use this AI service are Spotify Premium users living in the US and Canada. They need to open the Spotify mobile app on an iOS or Android device and then look for their Music Feed option followed by DJ.



Where Else Is AI Making an Impact?

AI is being gradually introduced across a range of industries, with the likes of banking, healthcare, and retail among the areas where we’ve seen the most impact. In terms of music, Spotify’s launch of the AI DJ is just part of the overall changes. This look at how AI could change the music industry suggests that it could be used to provide suggestions that make it easier to create music, as well as allowing streaming services to tailor their playlists.

Gaming has also seen AI improve non-player characters and help developers to create new games more easily. An example of how this approach could reach other areas can be seen we look at a study of new sites on the market offering casino games, like Pokerstars and Betway. Each of these casinos has bonuses such as no-deposit free spins or extra funds, as well as a huge range of different games. By using AI technology, the sites could adapt to each player to offer the bonuses and games that most interest them, as well as create a plethora of different themed games to appeal to all audiences.

This new release by Spotify feels like it could be the start of a new way of listening to music and also of enjoying other parts of the entertainment industry, by making use of AI tools that can understand and interpret our tastes.