New York-based recording artist Freddie Wahter has established himself as a must-hear in the last two years. High-profile collaborations, publicity, and undeniable music that has accrued a legion of fans across all social media platforms. Today, he continues his rise with the release of his latest single, “meet the maker.”

Wahter praised homage to the iconic UK Garage sound on the latest release with a unique blend of elements of pop, rock, and electronic music. Introduced in the Mid-90s, U.K. garage is a genre of electronic dance music that traces back to London, England.The genre is best known for its icons DJ EZ and Artful Dodger.

On “meet the maker,” Wahter uses energy and rhythm to immerse us in an inescapable atmosphere that allows you to connect with ourselves through sound. Through the music, he has captured the attention of critics and fans alike with his dynamic performances and thought-provoking artwork.

“meet the maker” is a part of the promotion for a new three-song project, titled 3Peat, a project that includes new songs “Dragon Ball Freestyle,” “Vocal Function,” and “Cowboy Trip” with collaborator Blaccmass. All the songs are available for streaming now on the Wahter Studios imprint.

Freddie Wahter is no stranger to the stage, having performed at The Standard in London, includingThe Panic Room in Paris and Hart Bar NYC. Fans can catch Freddie Wahter’s electrifying performances and see his thought-provoking artwork at a venue near them.

Stream the new track below, and afterward, continue to follow the breakout star on social media for daily news and more.