Today, Atlanta-based alternative/pop-rock band, Glimmers have released their latest single, “Midas Touch,” via Common Ground Collective.

The upbeat pop/rock vibe of the track is misleading at first, as the message and lyrics behind the song reflect on how one can self-sabotage a relationship.

On the song, lead singer, Maggie Schneider says, “‘Midas Touch’ was a really fun track to record. While this is probably the most simplistic arrangement, we wanted it to have that fun pop/rock vibe. I wrote this song with Nick Pena (lostbody) about the idea of self-sabotage. It’s about being wildly into someone, but continuing to want more and more out of the relationship. Thus, bridges begin to burn, and everything starts falling apart. The myth of King Midas is all about being happy with what you have, and this song is an homage to the story.”

“Midas Touch” follows the band’s previous singles, “Dreaming” and “Scared to Lose,” dropped earlier this year.

Tour dates:

November 25 – New Orleans, LA – Banks Street Bar
November 26 – Dallas, TX – Cheapsteaks
November 30 – Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
December 7 – Las Vegas, NV – Artifice
December 9 – Albuquerque, NM – Moonlight Lounge
December 10 – Tulsa, OK – Foolish Things Coffee Company
December 11 – Nashville, TN – Cobra