It can be scary looking into the future. The past and the present are both concrete, which is something of an existential comfort. The future is liquid and unknowable. Where will you be in five years? You can give an answer you hope to be true, but there’s no way of knowing. With that kind of uncertainty looming, it can be easy to bury your head into the past–whether it was good or bad–because you know what it contains. 10 Years’s Brian Vodinh has a new musical outfit called Brave The Royals, and their first single “Dreamer” covers this topic. Released last week, “Dreamer” is an inspiring alt-pop anthem about marching onward, and a song that inspiring needs a video. Luckily for us, Brave The Royals is premiering the video for “Dreamer” right here.

As the video begins we are introduced to our protagonist as she wanders the city streets, constantly looking over her shoulder. It seems she’s had a rough past. The perspective shifts and we literally see life through her eyes, including all the mistreatment she’s gone through. It’s a neat visual effect to get the point across. If things aren’t bad enough, she then finds herself pursued by a hooded figure. As “Dreamer” rises in energy, the chase grows more intense along with it, containing tension and techniques that wouldn’t feel out-of-place in a Bourne film. With all the messaging about confronting your own past to move forward, you may be able to guess the identity of the hooded figure when they catch up and remove their hood.

Vodinh hopes “Dreamer” and its video encourages people to embrace their best possible self. He says ““I wanted to create a video that signified personal growth. Being a dreamer, in the context that the song is about to me, is truly about stepping out of your comfort zones and trying to kill off the fearful version of yourself that is holding onto the past and essentially holding yourself back. It’s a song and video about embracing who you are and stepping out of the shadow of fear and following your heart and chasing your dreams.”

Get ready for the chase to a better you and watch the music video for “Dreamer” below.