Real Talk is an east coast four-piece pop punk band that has vibes similar to earlier in the 2010’s with bands like Transit and Man Overboard. They did not, though, get there name from Man Overboard’s beloved album Real Talk, and they still strive to bring a modern edge to the sound.

Back in July, Real Talk released a new song called “Bury Me Easy” and announced their signing to Anchor Eighty Four Records. They did not announce their EP, Arrivals, then, though they did begin teasing the new release.

Today, we are excited to announce that Arrivals is happening, and will be released on October 26th via the label. To celebrate the news, we have an exclusive premiere of Real Talk’s follow-up single called “I Can’t Help But Notice.” It serves as an incredible follow-up to “Bury Me Easy,” as the band continue to establish their fresh, exciting take on the pop-punk genre as a whole. Listen to this high-energy, catchy track for yourself at the top of the post.

Real Talk vocalist Joey Milewski explains that, “‘Cant Help But Notice’ is a song that encompasses the sound of the Arrivals EP as a whole. It’s upbeat and catchy with a hard-hitting chorus. The track is about going through certain transitions in life and who you turn to when it inevitably gets difficult. It’s not a cry for help, but an appreciation for those who act as crutches no matter what is thrown at you.”

If you like what you hear from Real Talk and “I Can’t Help But Notice,” feel free to pre-order your copy of Arrivals here. As mentioned previously, the EP does drop on October 26th via Anchor Eighty Four Records.

Arrivals EP artwork and track-listing:

real talk arrivals

  1. I Can’t Help But Notice
  2. Bury Me Easy
  3. Arrivals
  4. Temporary