Michl is sort of a mystery, described as the new kid on the block in the R&B scene by NOISEY, you can’t find any interviews on who exactly he is, instead Michl embraces the idea of being a character to his fans. With a veil of fog surrounding him, Michl has not revealed much about himself to the outside world. This all changes with “datum.”

Combining his love of fashion and architecture, Michl has created a short film focused on his background growing in Riverside, CA. Filled with urban fashion references throughout the film such as the skater wearing a Balenciaga shirt or the Hispanic mother wearing the Balenciaga dress – contrasting the urban high life that accompanies the success of Michl with his upbringing.

Throughout the film, Michl shares insight into his Bolivian/Mexican heritage with various scenes scattered throughout the film that almost resemble home films highlighting his upbringing as a child – giving his fans insight into his background as a person while growing up. Weaved through various scenes in the film, the skater wearing a Balenciaga shirt is captured through rolling cinematic shots while traversing suburban landscape accented by scenes comprised of young couples, capturing the idea of youth and the love that accompanies it.

By sticking to his roots in his hometown, Michl has captured the idea that one does not need to feel restricted by their roots. Small town living does not have to necessarily be seen as this inferior concept compared to living in the big city. Instead of leaving his past behind, Michl has embraced it. “datum” does not diminish the countless influences that are brought on by a person’s upbringing and shows a different side of Southern California that cities like LA often cast a shadow over.