There’s a new artist who’s creating a name for herself within the painting community, and she goes by the name of Verna Fogg. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Verna brings a whole new flavor when it comes to artistic inspiration.

Her style of painting is known as “Pop Art”, which is an artistic point of view based on popular or mass culture. Verna has been creating art full-time since she started her company VF Artist Inc., back in 2016. Her favorite piece that she’s created as of now is called Musical Paradise, “There is peace and serenity in music which takes me to paradise”, says Verna. One of her favorite pop artists is a creator from the 1980s named Tom Wessleman. He was one of the people who helped to lay the foundation, and inspire other Pop Artists today.

Another one of Verna’s focuses would include the creation of custom 3D canvases. Verna will reach out to her clients and get the details on their very own unique piece. “After the client and I discuss what they want, I then create a sketch or a digital one (created on photoshop or illustrator) and then wait for approval. Depending on the size of the canvas and how intricate the design is – a piece can take up to a month. Since my main medium is oil paint the drying process can take time. Once the paint is dry then comes the process of me adding the additional materials to the canvas”, says Verna.

Verna Fogg definitely seems to be on the right path when it comes to new school art creation. Whether it be a painting inspired by pop art or a customized 3D piece, she’s definitely headed in the direction of success within the artist community. Make sure to follow Verna Fogg on all social media platforms at @vernafoggartist in order to stay up to date with all future paintings and canvases by Verna.