After developing a cult following in the last three years, popular new artist Daytona Starksy unveils his highly-anticipated debut album, titled Reality Station. Best known for past hits “Speed Chaser,” “Supralove,” and “Gasoline,” the debut album displays a sonic journey into the future might look like. The album includes previously released singles “Blame The System” and “Let Go.” Starsky’s debut tells the story of a star finding him in the new world.

“I knew I wanted to write an album about something but had a hard time finding inspiration,” said Daytona. “But when the pandemic stopped the world, it gave me some much needed breathing room and got me thinking “since when are we in the future and how did we get here?” This was that lightbulb moment that freed me up to experiment with sounds and topics. From that point on, the album wrote itself.”

The 14-song album proves to be mentally and physically stimulating as Starsky delivers witty, heart-on-sleeve lyricism over an ethereal instrumentation that will transport you to unexpected melodic dimensions.

For newfound fans, Reality Station is the perfect origin point to hop on the Daytona Starsky bandwagon, After the listen, feel free to follow the rising star on social media for daily updates and more.

Stream the new album, below.