The princess of the new Slip-N-Slide regime Teenear has not only ushered the iconic Miami label to a new era but introduced them to a new territory that is R&B music. The Jamaican-descent songstress developed a fanbase with her 2015 hit, “Friday Night”. Maintaining a steady growth with popular singles “Streetlights” and “Need Your Love”, Teenear flourished over the years into the next up superstar she is today. Today, we sit down with the rising star to talk about her accomplished past and what is next to come in her bright future.

“Honestly, I am just a lover of music and sometimes my music depends on how I am feeling at the moment…”-Teenear

[Substream]: At Substream, we feature a wide array of artists from R&B to Alternative to Pop. Tell us about Teenear’s listening palette, do you listen to artists outside of R&B?

[Teenear]: Yes, I listen to Travis Scott, Drake, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, etc. I like an array of music..

Describe the challenges of being a young woman and aspiring singer…?

The challenge of being a singer, in general, is not being put in specific genre boxes. Honestly, I am just a lover of music and sometimes my music depends on how I am feeling at the moment – whatever I need to express.

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Followed your career since a teen. What’s changed about Teenear from then to now since you arrived with the Sage the Gemini-featured, “Friday Night”?

Since the Sage the Gemini single, I have been maturing into who I’m supposed to be and every day I learn something new about myself so I can only imagine how different I’ll be even a year from now. The goal is to keep growing spiritually and physically.

“Need Your Love” feels like a song, we could play over and over. How did the creative process come about for that track?

It’s just the definition of young love, when you don’t know how to place them immediately, but you know you need it, despite what friends and family might say.

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