New Jersey’s Hidden In Plain View has released a new single “Ragdoll,” the follow-up to the recent track “Wildfire.”

Formed in 2000, the group signed with Drive-Thru Records and went on to release 2 full-length albums on the label before disbanding in 2007. The band reformed for a one-off show in Philly in 2013, and in 2015, they toured in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Life In Dreaming’, as well as released the ‘Animal’ EP on Rise Records.

With a back catalog of beloved tunes and new music out in the world, HIPV is looking forward to performing at 2022’s Furnace Fest in September, the band’s first show since their appearance at the 25 Year Warped Tour Anniversary show in Atlantic City in 2019.



“Ragdoll” picks up where “Wildfire” and “Temper” left off. It connects the struggle with clinical and situational depression.  This song is a battle between the moments of lows when we don’t even realize we are there, and the highs, when we are still forced to handle life’s everyday crises in today’s crazy and fucked up world.  “Ragdoll’s” lyrics and style provide this Jekyll and Hyde back and forth with frantic versus, heavy breakdowns, calm steady bridges, and catchy choruses.  We recommend you play it loud and get that crap off your chest. – Joe Reo


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