Asher Shashaty and Liquid Grove gear up for the summertime takeover with the groovy new single, titled “Beach House.” And with this single the current focus, Asher Shashaty has plenty more productions saved on the harddrive, currently working on a studio album which he plans to release in Fall/Winter. Having dozens of releases public on his DSPs, “Beach House,” currently at the forefront, and plenty more to come, Asher Shashaty is at a healthy balance within his career in 2022.

With easy-going vocals, sunkissed guitar riffs, and few percussion instruments, “Beach House” is a great vibe that expresses the enjoyment of simply having a good time. The message behind the single is one of a blissful summer streak, the verses stirring imagery of the perfect summer filled with parties, romance, warmth, and hope. For millions around the world who live close to the coastline, this is a reality that’s all too familiar. The perfect origin point for newfound fans, “Beach House” prepares a forthcoming collection at the end of the summer.

Stay tuned for more Asher and Liquid the rest of 2022. “Beach House,” out now via own imprint, is available on all digital streaming platforms. And for more on Asher Shashaty and Liquid Grove, follow the duo on social media.